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The tournament will follow the National Federation of State High School Associations Boys Lacrosse Rules and NJJLL Specific Rules except as modified below:

  1. Visiting programs must certify that all their players are current members of US Lacrosse.

  2. The lacrosse official(s) is the final word on all calls made on the field of play.

  3. Team Certifications: All Coaches will be required to check-in to the Registration Tent under the scoreboard on the middle field at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their first game to certify their teams, pick up any final instructions and a garbage bag.

  4. Length of Games: All games will be two 19 minute running halves, with a two minute halftime timeout and 5 minutes between games. A central clock will control all game start and end times. There will be a horn with two minutes left in each half and another to signify the end of each half.   Please be ready to play at the scheduled game time. In fairness to other teams, we need to clear the field quickly to start the next game on time.

  5. NEW RULE FOR 2018 - If a game is tied at the end of the second half, there will be a BRAVEHEART.   Each team chooses a single field player and a goalie.   The session begins with a faceoff and ends when the first goal is scored.   The goalies are not alowed to cross midfield.

  6. Substitutions: Substitutions will be done on the fly except for penalties. Substitution should be on the whistle and on the fly with delay of game strictly enforced for any substitution on the whistle that takes longer than ten seconds.

  7. Mercy Rule: A six-goal rule will be used for all games. As long as a team has a six-goal lead, the opposing team will have the option to receive the ball at the centerline following the goal or facing off. All coaches are requested to take appropriate steps to manage the total goals scored by their teams in an unbalanced team situation. The second half will begin with a face off regardless of the score.

  8. Advancing the ball: There will be 20 second clearing count and a 10 second advance the ball into the box at the 7th and 8th grade level ONLY, similar to High School rules. Four-second counts for goalie clears will apply to all teams. At the 7th grade level, this rule may be waived by mutual agreement of the Head Coaches in cases where a non-NJJLL team has not been playing under these rules.

  9. Body checking: Body checking is NOT permitted at the 4th, 5th and 6th grade levels. Body checking is permitted at the 7th and 8th grade levels ONLY against a player in possession of the ball. No take out checks are permitted by any player at any level. DEFINITION: A takeout check occurs when a player contacts an opponent with the force and intent to take out (put on the ground) the other player.

  10. Stick Checking: One-handed stick checks or attempted stick checks are NOT allowed. This violation will be called as a slash with no exceptions. Any stick contact with the helmet of magnitude considered more than "a brush" shall be considered slashing. NO ICE PICK CHECKS. Any such check will be considered a slash, whether or not it makes contact with the opponent.

  11. In the final 2 minutes of the game, once the winning team brings the ball into the box they must keep it in the box.

  12. Time Serving Penalties - Personal and Technical Fouls: All time serving Personal and Technical Fouls will start on the whistle following the foul and will be running time except if a time-out is called or an injury occurs on the field.  Each team needs to provide a coach to keep the penalty clock.

  13. 4th Grade Exceptions:

    • No Man Down, players committing fouls will leave the field for the amount of penalty time, time will be allowed to insert a substitute and play will restart.

    • Long Poles are NOT permitted per US Lacrosse guidelines.

    • When a change in possession occurs in the defensive end, the clearing team must make one pass after entering the offensive attack zone(THE BOX) prior to taking a shot. A pass from outside of the attack area into the attack area does NOT meet the passing requirement. A pass from inside of the attack area to outside the attack area or within the attack area DOES meet the passing requirement. A ground ball situation that occurs after the ball has entered the attack area will also satisfy the requirement. There is no requirement to satisfy these conditions again until after the ball has crossed midfield into the team’s defensive half of the field. Violation of this rule will disallow a goal and award possession to the opposing team.

    • If the face-off midfielder gains possession of the ball on a face-off, the one pass requirement still applies.

  14. Team Time-Outs: One timeout per team per game, and no timeout may be called in the last two minutes of the game. If the two minute warning horn sounds during a timeout, play must resume immediately.

  15. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting in the game of Lacrosse, period. Any player involved in a fight, as determined by the on-field officials or by one of the Tournament Directors, will be ejected from the game and ejected for the remainder of the tournament. Additionally, the game may be terminated immediately at the discretion of the Officials and Tournament Directors, based on their evaluation of the circumstances. Any fight and other events that result from that fight, whether it involves player and/or parents, could result in a program losing the ability to attend future tournaments in Hillsborough.

  16. Unsportsmanlike conduct: In addition to the Federation or the US Lacrosse rules, any player, coach or anyone associated with the team who: uses derogatory language (starting with damn) whether addressing a player, coach or official; engages in fighting or trash talking; argues with an official unnecessarily, will be ejected from the game and/or from the tournament.  Anyone ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. Anyone ejected from the tournament will not be allowed to participate in any remaining games in the tournament.

  17. Game Scores: There is a scoreboard at each field that the teams can use to keep score.

  18. Water: Each team is responsible for bringing a water container to the tournament. A water source will be available at the tournament site.

  19. Clean up of bench areas after games: Each coach is requested to ensure that the bench area is picked-up after each game. Trash cans are available near bench areas and trash bags, if needed, are available in the Registration Tent.