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2010/2011 Strength and Conditioning Raider Strength and Conditioning Center

All Hillsborough High School lacrosse players are expected to actively participate in year round strength and conditioning.  Consistent strength and conditiing is one of the best ways to grow as an athlete and reduce the chance of injury during competition. 

Coach Wilson highly encourages all student athletes to take advantage of the supervised strength and conditioning programs offered for free at the high school in the Raider Strength Center (RSC).  Click here for more information on the RSC:

Boro Lax Yearly Training Schedule

Off Season (June - November)
During the off season, your training is your responsibility, and how you approach it will determine if you want to be a high school varsity or (someday collegiate) lacrosse player.  Coach Wilson highly advises that you participate in an organized, supervised strength and conditioning program.  The RSC is available to all Hillsborough High School (and middle school students) during the off season.

Preseason (November - March)
THE BORO FIT CLUB preseason training begins on the Monday following Thanksgiving break and continues until the season begins.  The Boro Fit Club is offered to all Hillsborough student athletes, and Coach Wilson highly encourages all lacrosse players to participate. 

The 2010/2011 Boro Fit Club Schedule is as follows:

- 2:30 to 3:15 Optional Homework Club - Rm TBD (Dress for weight room before Homework Club)
- 3:15 to 4:30 Weight Room

- 2:45 Running/Agilities (Meet in Commons.  Bring in/outdoor clothing)

Fitness Testing for Lacrosse players
All student athletes who train at the RSC receive the benefit of periodic fitness testing to monitor their progress.  In the spring, Coach Wilson will employ 3 basic tests to gauge fitness and compare players during the tryout/evaluation period.  These tests are as follows:

1.  Push ups in a minute (starting with locked elbows/chest to the floor/return to locked elbows = 1)
2.  Pull ups to failure (total pull ups you can do from the grip of your choice)
3. 2 mile Run
    - Varsity Attack and Midfielders must complete the run in 13:30
    - Varsity Defenders and Goalies must complete the run in 14:30

2010/11 Notes
The Boro Fit Club (preseason strength and conditioning program for lacrosse players and Hillsborough athletes not participating in a winter sport) begins Monday, November 29! All lacrosse players not participating in a winter sport are expected to participate in a vigorous preseason training program to prepare for each season, so I hope you will join the club! As we continue to improve and refine our methods, there are many changes to the Fit Club this year, but a few things remain the same:

1.   On M,W, and F, you must be with Coach Wilson in Homework Club, meeting with another teacher, in the library, or outside of the building. You are not to hang in the halls after school without supervision.
2. Lacrosse players must sign in with Mr. McFarland AND on Coach Wilson’s attendance sheet.
3. Participation is optional and voluntary, but it is highly encouraged as I feel we have put together a fun and challenging program that will help you to be as ready as possible for your spring season. (There will no longer be an incentive for participating in the Fit Club beyond the personal satisfaction you will receive by improving your strength and conditioning.)
5. Any football players who want to lift early with the football team (2:30-3:15) may do so, but please be sure to sign the lacrosse attendnce sheet. 
Keys for success
1.  Get in the proper program!
Please make sure you attend with the group with which you belong and/or matches your skill the best as the 2 groups will be on different schedules, and you will hamper your growth in the area of strength and conditioning if you do not train within the proper program.
2. Be on time to every session and don’t waste time once you are there!
Don’t skip days! Get there, work hard, ask questions, get better!
3. Practice good nutrition!
Eat a good breakfast, eat a good lunch, and bring a pre-workout snack.
4. Have fun!
Challenge each other and compete!   Make it a game!
If you have any questions, please email Coach Wilson.