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Parents and Coaches,

On behalf of Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse, we hope everyone had an enjoyable season.  We will be conducting equipment and uniform drop-off on June 18, 2018 and June 20, 2018 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Triangle Road Complex.   We would ask that everyone return the uniforms clean (washed)  and in a marked bag with your son's last name and grade.  We would also ask that you return your son's helmet and shoulder pads (Grades 1-6) cleaned (inside of helmet wiped down with Bacterial wipes) as well. 

We understand some of the kids will be playing lacrosse this summer/fall/winter  in clinics or on summer teams. In fact, we encourage that.  If you son is playing this summer/fall/winter clinics and needs to borrow equipment, please let us know and your son is welcome to borrow the equipment. 

In the event you cannot return equipment or uniform at this time, I will set up a bin at my house located at 13 Layton Court, Hillsborough, NJ so anyone can drop equipment/uniforms there as well.  I would ask that everything be marked so I know who you are so you receive credit for returning equipment/uniforms.

We would ask that all available coaches be present at equipment/uniform collection as well to assist in the uniform collection and in breaking down the complex for the Fall (removing field netting, poles and  patching  fields with sod).

As a reminder, work bonds will not be returned to any family who has not worked 2 hours in concession and 2 hours elsewhere (apparel/parking/field set-up/field break down, etc.)  Work bonds will be forfeited for anyone who does not return borrowed equipment or a uniform. (Anyone who was signed up to work May 19/20 and shift was canceled due to weather has been granted credit for that shift). 

Thank you,

James Harding, Equipment Manager and Board Member

by posted 06/13/2018


Fellow members, I just wanted to share an email we received in regards to our recent Lax MAYhem tournament.  I feel it is important to share this as it highlights what type of organization we are constantly striving to become and build upon.  It also rewards all the hardwork numerous people put into the program, practices, tournaments and everything in between.  Thank you again for all of your help and sacrifice.  We can always use more help and hands so please feel free to sign up for volunteer hours, if you have yet to volunteer.  


Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Board Members


Dear Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse,

I wanted to write you this email to say a big "THANK YOU" and express my gratitude to the coach(es) and your entire 5th grade lacrosse team.  I apologize that it is lengthy but you have to be aware of the entire situation that happened.

On Saturday, May 5, we (Monroe Falcons) played Hillsborough at 2:45p.  I think it was probably 5-10 mins before the game was over that my son, (playing attack), fell backwards and landed on his hand.  He was down, crying and screaming in excruciating pain.

The assistant coach, who is also my husband, did not and could not see what happened as there is a slight pitch on the field.  The ref blew the whistle and my husband ran over and saw that it was our son.  One of the Hillsborough boys, #21 to be exact, was kneeled closest to my son, and helped him get up and gave him a friendly tap on his helmet.  CLASS ACT #1!

I normally don't run to the sidelines when my son goes down but this instant, I had a sick feeling in my gut and I had to go see him.

He was sitting on the grass with my husband holding his arm, hysterically crying, in pain, saying that his hand and arm were hurting.  I told my husband I was going to sit with him, and tried to console him and calm him down.   A woman came by with ice in a zip lock bag - I don't know if she was from your organization but I recall she was wearing the same colors.  CLASS ACT #2.  I put the bag of ice directly on my son's wrist.  Then one or two of your coaches came to see if my son was ok, which he was still crying in pain as his wrist was swelling up a bit, and someone advised me of an urgent care facility that was close by that can do x-rays on my son.  I thanked him for the information.  CLASS ACT #3.

At this point, I was going to get up and help my son up at this point as I knew we were going to take a very fast trip to the hospital.

What came after was the biggest surprise ... I think it was your entire team that walked over to me and my son, and told him "Great game - hope you are ok" when the game was over.  That just touched me so much.  CLASS ACT #4

So we went to RWJ Pediatric Emergency, registered, x-rays done, ER doctor exam and then he said to us that my son has a buckled fracture on his radius bone in his wrist AND possibly a small hairline fracture on his ulna bone also on his wrist.  ER doctor saying that possible 4-6 weeks recovery but orthopedist specialist to make the conclusive and final diagnosis and treatment.  He was given a black brace to keep his wrist/arm stabilized as a temporary measure.  Orthopedic appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  

So he is out for the rest of the Spring season but I cannot express my utmost gratitude to the coaches and your players for just simply "caring" about the welfare of my son.  Those little things and gestures was very heartfelt and appreciated by my son (and me, of course).

The OUTSTANDING professionalism from your coaches and the team's over-all DYNAMIC sportsmanship, comrade and regarding for all, not just themselves, is to be strongly commended.  It also says a lot for your organization as well as the success of your organization.

Please let them know that I, my husband and my son, truly appreciate all of them and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Hillsborough 5th Grade Lacrosse are fantastic and a CLASS ACT!  I can't thank you enough for what you did and how you made me and my son feel.  I wish some of the teams were like you or at least even had a little bit of your sportsmanship, I can enjoy games and tournaments a little more.

For the next lacrosse season and if we cross paths in the future (which I hope we will), you will have our family, as your fans, rooting and cheering you on.  

Thank you and Best Regards,
Parent of Monroe Falcons 5th Grade Team member

by HYL Admin posted 05/08/2018
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