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New Uniform and Equipment Policy

Happy New Year Hillsborough Lacrosse Families!  The Hillsborough Youth lacrosse organization would like to inform you of some IMPORTANT changes we will be making for the 2019 season. 


First, we will be purchasing new uniforms for the teams this year for 3rd-8th grade.  In order to purchase the new uniforms we are going to be hosting a sizing through January 21st at Universal Lacrosse, Route 22 East, Somerville, NJ.  It is extremely important that you attend to assure your child’s uniform fits correctly.   In order to have the uniforms in on time we need to order them next week.  Please make sure to get to Universal Lacrosse for a fitting prior to the 21st during their regular store hours.  If you do not make it to the fitting we can NOT guarantee the sizing of your uniform and you will be given what is provided. 


 That being said, this is going to be the last time the Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Organization is purchasing the uniforms.  The players will be able to KEEP the uniforms, and you will want to size your player’s uniform accordingly to get more than one season out of them.  We will do our best to keep the logo and uniform design the same.  If the player loses, grows out of, or wears out the uniform you will be responsible for purchasing the replacement.  So you have an idea of the cost for the 2019 season is about $60 per player.  AGAIN, WE ARE PROVIDING THE UNIFORMS FOR THE PLAYERS TO KEEP THIS YEAR.  YOU ARE REPSONSIBLE FOR THE REPLACEMENT AND FUTURE UNIFORMS. 


Second, we are making changes to equipment as well.  We currently provide shoulder pads and helmets for all our players.  We will continue to do that this year.  At the end of the 2019 season we will donate the equipment to the players. If the players need different shoulder pads or helmets after the 2019 season, you will be responsible to purchase this equipment.  WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING SHOULDER PADS AND HELMETS FOR 3-8TH GRADE AFTER THE 2019 SEASON. 


We will continue to offer equipment and uniforms for our 1st and 2nd graders only.  They are at the initial stages of learning the game and we decided to continue to provide uniforms and equipment for them.  AGAIN, WE ARE PROVIDING UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT FOR 1ST AND 2ND GRADE ONLY. 


Last, if you register for the program and receive a uniform and your player decides mid-year not to finish out the year – you will automatically forfeit your work bond. 


We appreciate you understanding our decision as an organization, and we thought this is a great solution to providing uniforms and equipment to our players.  Going forward this allows us to use these recourses in other areas to help improve our organization.  We look forward to the upcoming season and appreciate the support provided throughout the years. 



Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Board of Directors

Brandon Jones - President


by posted 01/15/2019
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