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Registration Update

Spring 2016 registration is temporarily unavailable

The issue should be resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience.

posted 09/01/2015
Spring Registration Now Open

Registration for the Spring 2016 Season is now open!

Welcome to the 2016 Spring Lacrosse Season!

The Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse Board and Coaching Staff have been busy preparing for next year's Spring season. There are a number of changes being considered and instituted to address the popularity and growth of our lacrosse programs. Some of the changes for Spring 2016 are outlined below along with links for more information:

Volunteer / Equipment Deposit - Workbond Changes

HYL has the lowest program fees in the area and provides significant value for our players. HYL provides facilities, equipment, uniforms, paid referees, as well as volunteer and paid coaching (for 7/8th grade) which all contributes to a safe and fun lacrosse experience for our players. Our registration fees, however, do not cover the full cost of running the program. As such, HYL relies on the annual LaxMayHem and Just Lax'n Jam tournaments to provide additional operating income to sustain and fund our programs. We rely on all families to volunteer at least 4 hours at these tournaments to operate the concession stand and assist with the logistics of operating a well run tournament. Many families contribute well beyond the 4 hour minimum while some families do not volunteer at all and as a result forfeit their work bond. Unfortunately, the families that do not volunteer put a heavier burden on those who do volunteer. Even with all the in-season SOS emails requesting help, there is still a shortage of volunteers. This has become a significant issue in managing all the work that needs to be done to support the tournaments.

Our choices in addressing this issue are limited. Scaling back our services at the tournaments would result in reduced operating income which translates into increased player registration fees and increased tournament registration fees. One of our basic tenets is keeping the financial barrier to playing youth lacrosse as low as possible thus allowing more families to participate.

Instead of raising registration fees, we need to improve the volunteer participation rate. Therefore, the workbond fee will be adjusted for the 2016 season. Currently, the workbond is $100 per player which will change to $200 per family. For example, a family with two players and a workbond on file will not be charged anything additional. A family with one player and a workbond on file will be charged an additional $100. The full workbond is refundable at the end of the season provided the volunteer requirements are fulfilled, the player's uniform and all equipment is returned. By default, an unforfeited workbond rolls over to the next season and is automatically refunded at the end of the 8th grade. Refunds can also be requested at the end of season. 

Also important to note, the current equipment/uniform return and workbond refund processes will be changed dramatically. The current process is not serving the needs of our families and there have been extensive delays in uniform returns and issuing refunds. These processes are being streamlined for the 2016 season.

Early Bird Registration Discount

Please take advantage of the early bird registration discount ($25) by registering by 10/31/2015. As a reminder, all Hillsborough Lacrosse fees are FULLY REFUNDABLE prior to the start of the season. USL membership is required for all HYL programs, is paid directly to USL and is not refundable.

All program registrations are open now and can be completed online through this website. All fees (registration, equipment/workbond deposits) will be collected via a secure registration program. Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse will only accept Visa/Mastercard payment. If your family and children were registered with the program last season, the registration process is very simple since your information is already in our member database. No paper forms, no signatures, no fuss, no muss! Click here to register now or look for Register Online on the left menu bar.

Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse does not retain any credit card information in our database and this information is only used to process your registration.

by Hillsborough Lacrosse posted 09/01/2015
Fall Little Laxers



Introduce your son to the "fastest game on two feet" and the fastest-growing sport in the country . . . LACROSSE!  The purpose of the Boro Little Laxers program is to introduce the boys to this exciting and fast-paced game in a fun and safe environment. We will teach the boys the fundamentals of the game. This is a non-contact program, so all the boys will need is a lacrosse stick, which is provided.
Dates: 3 Sessions - Sunday September 9/13, 9/20, 9/27
Time: 11AM to Noon
Grades: Boys entering Kindergarten or TP
Location: Docherty Park OR Amsterdam School (Final Location TBD)
Cost: Program fee of $35 includes beginner lacrosse stick and a Boro Lax t-shirt. US Lacrosse membership ($25) is also required
Equipment: All your son will need is a lacrosse stick.
Registration is now open, click on REGISTER ONLINE on the left side menu bar.

posted 08/04/2015
Compete with Class - Honor the Game

The "Compete with Class - Honor the Game" pledge summarizes important elements of the men’s lacrosse experience and confirms our commitment to Sportsmanship and Fair Play.


This season, as a parent, coach, player or official, I pledge to COMPETE with CLASS and HONOR THE GAME…

• I will honor the history of the men’s lacrosse and commit to the maintaining the core values of the game's culture.
• I will recognize the value of safe and fair play by teaching, enforcing and playing by the letter and spirit of the men's game.
• I will practice and encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other men’s lacrosse event.
• I will place the emotional and physical well being of our players ahead of any personal desire to win.
• I will support coaches and officials working with players in order to encourage a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all.
• I will do my very best to make the sport fun for every one who participates.
• I will ask all family members and fans to be tolerant and inclusive by treating other players, coaches, fans and officials with high regard and respect.

by Chris Gradone posted 04/01/2015
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