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New 7th/8th Grade Team Structure

This Spring 2015 season HYL will be fielding two teams, A and B, at the both the 7th and 8th grade level. With this change, there are some important distinctions in how the teams will be structured, coached and managed.  The A/B teams are primarily a game day structure, as the teams will always practice together. The teams will split during a portion of practice and concentrate on the specific needs of the A/B teams. All players will be evaluated and assigned to either the A team, the B team, or the A/B group.  For example, if there are 36 players, 12 to 13 will be on the A team, 12 to 13 will be on the B team, and 10 to 12 will be in the A/B group, all depending on positional needs to fill the teams.

An important point to note is the A/B group will attend half of the A team games and half of the B team games. This fluid A/B group will give more players the opportunity to gain experience playing at the more competitive A-team level while gaining confidence and experience at a more equivalent skill level. There is also flexibility for players to shift based on coaches evaluation of their development as the season progresses. The Board and Coaches designed this hybrid structure to provide the best balance of player development and competitive desire.

In addition, the game schedules will be constructed to more closely match the relative skill level of the teams played. It is important to understand that the skill of an HYL A/B team may not always match another program’s A/B team. Regardless, more closely matching team experience levels will result in more competitive games, better player experiences and maximized playing time.

The philosophy of HYL is to teach lacrosse skills and game strategies for all players, regardless of experience, in a fun and competitive environment. All players will be coached equivalently with an improved focus on their developmental needs. Our new A/B team structure is intended to be consistent with our program philosophy while recognizing we need to adapt to changes occurring in the sport as well as in surrounding towns.

by Hillsborough Lacrosse posted 09/14/2014
Spring Registration Now Open

Registration for the Spring 2015 Season is now open!

Welcome to the 2015 Spring Youth Lacrosse Season!

All program registrations are open now and can be completed online through this website. All fees (registration, rental and equipment/workbond deposits) will be collected via a secure registration program. Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse will only accept Visa/Mastercard payment. If your family and children were registered with the program last season, the registration process is very simple since your information is already in our member database. No paper forms, no signatures, no fuss, no muss! Click here to register now or look for Register Online on the left menu bar.

As a reminder, all Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse fees are FULLY REFUNDABLE prior to the start of the season on 3/1/2015. USL membership is required for all HYL programs, is paid directly to USL and is not refundable.

Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse does not retain any credit card information in our database and this information is only used to process your registration.

by Hillsborough Lacrosse posted 09/01/2014
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